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CEO and founder of the non-governmental organization “Art Without Limit” and the Executive Director of the “Art Without Limit International Film Festival”. She has a finished master degree in scenography. So as a professional scenographer and costume designer has been part of several theatrical performances in theaters of Kosovo and other countries. As a set and costume designer she has participated in several feature films, documentaries and short films, which have been awarded with various prizes at International Film Festivals. She was also set and costume designer of 150 episodes of the TV series “Cimerat” which was broadcast on Radio Television 21 (RTV21) in Pristina. 

She also has a career as an art and fashion photographer, who already had exhibitions in North Macedonia and Kosovo. Furthermore she has worked as volunteer in various NGO's for people with disabilities and also women's rights.



Artistic Director of “Art Without Limit International Film Festival”.

He is the CEO and founder of the Film Company “Eureka Film & Production” and the School of Acting “Eureka Film”. He was the Director of 150 episodes of the TV series “Cimerat” which was broadcast on Radio Television 21 (RTV21) in Pristina. He is the director, producer and screenwriter of several short films, documentaries and three feature films, for which he was awarded various prizes at International Film Festivals.



Program Director of the Festival. Director & cinematographer, photographer – film and media producer. PhD in physics and astronomy (University of Vienna). Former editor at the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF). He has directed and produced various documentaries, educational media and charity projects both in Austria and in India.  Various awards and exhibitions, including "CANNES Corporate Media & TV Awards",  "Grand Prix Victoria" – Silver and Gold, etc.

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Organizational Programming Manager at the AWL International Film Festival. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts (Master). Participant in over 40 short and feature films. Winner of several awards as an actor.

Participant in over 180 episodes of television series.

Screenwriter and director of 3 short films, one of which won 3 awards for the best film. Screenwriter of 5 TV dramas, screenwriter and executive producer of a feature film. Appearance over 200 times in theater plays. Winner of 28 awards for films where he is the main protagonist.

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She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Law. Has been an active part of the volunteer scene in Ferizaj and Prishtina for over 7 years, working with multiple NGO-s. Coordinator of various projects regarding youth, women's rights & charity events. She has participated in national and international debate competitions & is the winner of "Kosova Open 2018". Former radio host & dj for Radio "AURA" in Blagoevgrad. Co-directed the short documentary "Pa vlla" which premiered in DokuFest in 2019. Has worked in multiple festivals in roles such as; translator, volunteer coordinator, Q&A host and interpreter & social media manager.



Administrative manager of the Festival. She the only person so far in Kosovo who has managed to be a Master of Pedagogy in the theoretical scientific program. As a former student in special education for children with intellectual and multiple disabilities, she is an employee with the position of School Lecturer at the Resource Center for Teaching and Counseling “Progress” in Pristina. She has worked as a coordinator for Kosovo at GfK Skopje – the headquarters in Northern Macedonia of the German Research Institute.  She was appointed by UNICEF external monitoring in the project “Inclusion – School Friendly for All” of the NGO TEMA (Active Teaching Trainers).



Organisational assitant of the Festival. He was born in Ferizaj. Even though he has cerebral palsy, he is studying at the Faculty of Arts, Department of Dramatic Arts, Department of Theater Direction at the University of Pristina, in the class of Prof. Drita Begolli, and is an art lover and passionate about everything related to art, especially theater and the movies. For a considerable part of the time he has been devoted to volunteer work since the age of 15 being part of many NGOs and organizations in the city of Ferizaj, with special emphasis on advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities. He is also engaged as a youth coordinator in the NGO of persons with different abilities HENDIFER Ferizaj.

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