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(during Opening and Award Ceremonies)

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Engjëll Haxhikadrija, born in Mitrovica on 08.01.2003. He took his first steps in music at the music school “Tefta Tashko” in Mitrovica, where he completed primary and secondary school there. Now he continues his studies at the University of Prishtina, branch of Musical Arts, majoring in violin. His uniqueness as a violinist is because he performs the violin on the opposite side, an among the rare ones in the whole world, the only one in Kosovo and beyond. Due to a problem with his left hand from birth,

the only instrument he was able to play was the violin on the opposite side (left side). The professors were skeptical at first, but they soon noticed his talent. His successes are numerous where he won many different prizes, some of the main prizes being First place in the Ars Kosova competition, as well as announced as the most promising talent of the whole competition, winner of the republican competition in the music category with a maximum score of 99.99.

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Passion knows no barriers or boundaries. This example is best reflected by the singer and instrumentalist from Ferizaj, Unik Ukshini. Although blind, nothing prevents Unik from loving music, piano as well as performing, which he accomplishes in an unique and wonderful way.

Everyone who knows Unik is amazing, not only at the music school “Çesk Zadeja” in Ferizaj where he completed his secondary education, but also at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Prishtina, where Unik is on the verge of graduating in Music Pedagogy.


An unique value, a cultural jewel, a rare personality among us, is Unik Ukshini.

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Pianist / Composer

She completed her 8-year education at the “Institute of students who don’t look”. Then began her piano studies at the age of 9, where she then graduated from the artistic high school “Jordan Misja” under the direction of pianist Ingrid Pulizo. In the years 2002 – 2006 she completed her higher studies in composition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana, she has participated in many festivals inside and outside Albania, where she has won many prizes such as Kënga magjike, Top Fest, etc.

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She completed her eight-year education at the Institute for the Bild in Tirana, where she began taking her first piano lessons. In 2013, she graduated in a scientific master’s degree with excellent results in Musicology at Jordan Misja University. In the years 1998-1999, she participated as a singer in the children’s festival 35,36 in Tirana, where she won the second and the third prizes. She participated in several concerts as a singer in the organized activities. She is a participant in 8 editions of the national concert “Art beyond Sight”. In July 2014 she won the first prize in prose in the literary contest “With the eyes of the Soul” organized by the Association of the Blind in Albania. She is the music editor at RTSH.



The Resource Center "Pëparimii" in Pristina is a special school where children with special needs attend. Music has always been used as a tool for the realization of various activities, but for three years now this center also has a music cabinet, with the necessary instruments, where music therapy is also applied, by the teacher Blerina Kallaba.


Together with the students, we use individual and group music therapy. Depending on the need, we use different instruments, but also different music videos.  At the "Art Without Limit International Film Festival" we will perform with the songs: "We are the world" - where children perform with sign language; - "Radetsky March" by Johan Strauss - execution with percussion instruments; and with modern dance through the song "We will rock you".

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