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July 14-18, 2021 

Documentary Workshop / Filmshooting

ART WITHOUT LIMIT also organized a practical workshop for interested participants with disabilities to include them in an actual filmshoot – with lots of practical instructions and also experiencing a couple of days developing a documentary and working on all various aspects during production, shooting on set. And let them get into the process of "how to tell a story":

The protagonist of the short documentary is Fahri Krasniqi, who lives with his family a humble but decent life in a rural area in Kosovo. His life story which he reveals for the first time in this documentary is truly touching, he is not only a very practical character but also a talented handicraft worker and self-educated artist – full of original ideas. Did we mention he has also to cope with some disability ? 


Easy to forget...  

18.6. orig.Still003.jpg

This documentary film will be part of the ART WITHOUT LIMIT International Film Festival in December.

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