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July 9, 2021 




ART WITHOUT LIMIT’s first workshop after Covid-19 restrictions lifted took place in Pristina (Kosovo).
18 people with disabilities participated – nine women and nine men from various places, backgrounds and professions. "How to break the barriers" in society through artistic expression and documentary film by using our own stories was the major topic of the workshop. This was adressed on various levels with specific aspects – including motivation, perception and the practical side of filmmaking and production.


Shqipe Malushi (screenwriter):

"The Power of Change is in Our Hands"

Michael Stoeger (director/cinematographer):

"Reality and Images & Storytelling in Film"

Burim Haliti (director/producer):

"From the Idea to Filmmaking"

Ganimete Sava (scenographer and costume designer):

"Scenography, and Costumes as an Integral Part of the Film"

Mimoza Musliu (pedagogy specialist):

“Challenges of Life, Strength and Self-Confidence”

Participants felt very motivated to contribute and were satisfied with the outcome of the workshop. They learned how to develop a story into a film. They also expressed gratitude for being seen as equal members of society without emphasizing on any disability.

We are grateful to HANDIKOS for allowing us to do our workshop on their premises in Pristina, Kosovo.


“Usually people treat us based on needs, but disability is not about needs it’s about human rights.” 
(Mr. Maliqi, Director of Handikos – who also participated).

“Everything was beautiful today, there is no room for improvement. Maybe we can have more of similar activities.” (one of the participants).

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