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FILM TRAILERS 2023 – Protagonists on Stage
(films produced by Art Without Limit)

Lume Berisha is a radio journalist at Radio Television of Kosovo (Radio Kosovë), who for 10 years has been the author of the show titled "For a better World". This show deals with social topics related to society in general, but with a special focus on persons with disabilities in the Republic of Kosovo. As a blind person, despite life's difficulties, she managed to persevere and finish her studies in journalism, then also the master's degree in the field of journalism.

Egzon Vatovci is a professional basketball player who plays for the Vushtrri basketball club. Despite the fact that he is of short stature, he has never stopped working and is active in several local organizations – where he has gained quite some credibitlity by contributing his ideas which are useful for the district and society.

As an athlete, he has won several medals and is also part of the Kosovo Paralympic Committee.

Gersi Troka is the gold medalist at the Special Olympics in Berlin. Gersi had his triumph in the 200 meter freestyle swimming competition, receiving the first gold medal for the Albanian Special Team. Gersi, even though he has Down Syndrome, has started alreday with 9 years of age to engage in sports activities, bringing Albania some bronze and silver medals in other different sports organizations around the world.

Samire Jupolli is a distinguished teacher and athlete in Kosovo. She graduated from the Pedagogical Faculty in Pristhtina with regular students (people who speak). Then she was employed at the public institution "Yllkat" where she worked for almost 15 years as an educator with students teaching sign language. Samirja, despite difficulties and not so easy challenges, has also managed to deal with several sports activities.

She is the first deaf mute to be accepted in the table tennis team of Kosovo. She is also the first deaf woman accepted as a table tennis referee in the Kosovo federation. Samirja has also participated several times in various car races, where she achieved first place and won two cups.

Elion Paloja, 14 years old from Prishtina, despite the specturm auf autism, has a passion for piano and attends piano lessons at the "Prenk Jakova" school. Until now he has appeared in many cultural events and artistic and television shows.

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